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Concept and Design by UMGJ
Mascot Design Concept

​Character Identity

The character created for the streetwear brand’s Mascot aims to capture its audiences. Head size and body are equally divided in the 1:1 ratio, thus make a cute portion. Hair and emotion represent the vicious and dangerous personality of ‘The Wolf’, which makes it strong and powerful. Spiky hair also a foundation for the following artworks to put ‘The Wolf’ in a dynamic pose and motion. Finally, Hades’s symbol appears on the forehead provides a robust identity for the brand.

hades_mascot overview.jpg
Brand Image Hades
Brand Identity Hades

Jumpsuit is the fashion choice for ‘The Wolf’. The outfit makes Hades Mascot to be heavy and flexible at the same time. The features extinguish the fashion brand from other characters from comic or video games.

Brand Identity Hades
hades mascot webpost2-1 .jpg
Hades Mascot Character Set
Hades Mascot Cyborg

From the basic Mascot kit and detail concept design, ‘The Wolf’ can transform into multi-style artworks and come to life with plenty of possible ideas.

Hades Mascot Legacy
Hades Mascot Glowing
hades mascot paranoid boys club.jpg
Hades mascot Haunted

The term “Mascot” began in the early of 1867, established by a French opera composer, Edmond Audren. The original title for the song is “La Mascotte”, a new slang word meaning “spell”. Audren conceive the idea from a lucky trinket, a gift from his wife, and turn It created an opera show

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