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Save Me Project

SAVE ME Project is a long-term project created by Zummaz Creative to bring the art-design-visual concept closer to people and help preserve the environment. We raised over 100 artworks from the activist, artist, and caring students. We are also thankful for the support from the VTV3 channel to spread out this critical message.


The emotion when we image the cry of the bear-cub who lost her mom in the hand of the hunters, or a beautiful Indochinese Tiger being ripped apart for luxury products. According to Vietnam Nation Report, there are more than 1500 species are on the edge of extinction, half of the rainforest density was destroyed.


Those images give us a broken heart. 


As a result, our responsibilities as a visual storyteller is to convey that message to friends and neighbors, raising awareness in this community campaign, take action for our Mother Nature.

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