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MAY 2019


Artwork and Design by UMGJ. ​
​Concept and Product by TSUN

A vector graphic is a computer science term established by Ivan Sutherland in 1963. He is a pioneer in computer graphics. Long before Zummaz has a chance to implicate this method to create streetwear art, it was utilized in civil and military air control to mapping airlines for proper traffic journeys.

A critical visual element for product positioning.

Good branding is not only provided visual attractiveness but also express it’s personality to the audience

tsun maze1 stroke.png
tsun maze1 grid.png

​Expression of typography

Every text has its own meaning and expression. The meaning is like a soul of the text, where it’s simply what the text is for, while it can express a million ways on the different font, layout, color, intention, etc. Thus calligraphy is the art of dissembling to the original arrangement of the text and put it again in a distinctive manner

tsun maze1 final.png
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